‘Discovery 2010, Cork’s Interactive Science Exhibition’, runs in Cork ’s City Hall from November 13th to 16th November this year.

Discovery Exhibition 2009Due to popular demand, the event begins with two Family Days‘We had queues around the block last year – it was great to see so many families having fun with learning’ says Marcela Whelan, exhibition co-ordinator.

Discovery aims to educate through enjoyment. Experimenting with slime, creating an electronic circuit or zapping the microbes in your gut – that’s chemistry, physics and biology you’re learning, as well as IT!

The exhibition aims to interest 10-15 year olds in science, engineering, technology and maths through fun activities, puzzles and games. Regular exhibitors include UCC, CIT, the Tyndall National Institute, Lifetime Lab and FÁS, along with Cork City Council, Cork Electronics Industry Association, the Garda Siochána and the Defence Forces, plus local technology-based businesses.

‘This exhibition aims to encourage young people to be inquisitive and to seek a better understand of how things work - hopefully it will also provide the motivation for more young people to pursue a career in these important fields,’ says Ted Owens (CEO of Cork City VEC and chair of the Cork City Learning Forum, organisers of ‘Discovery’).

School groups will visit ‘Discovery’ for the three days after the opening weekend – teachers can expect booking forms in the post very soon. The event, a partner of Science Week Ireland, will also be running outreach events for schools from the week before.

Content and links to exhibitors will appear on this page from mid-October and also the Science Week Ireland calendar on

To see what it’s all about, a movie clip of ‘Discovery 2008’ can be found on YouTube:


Discovery 2010


Taispeántas Idirghníomhach Eolaíochta Chorcaí


13/16  November 2010

Activities For Schools: November 9-20


Family Days - City Hall, Cork

saturday 13th and Sunday 14th November 2010 *

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Discovery aims to educate through enjoyment

Experimenting with slime, creating an electronic circuit or zapping the microbes in your gut – that’s chemistry, physics and biology you’re learning, as well as IT.

Cork’s Interactive Science Exhibition encourages uptake of science, technology engineering and maths through secondary school, into college and onwards, to meet the future recruitment needs of local high skill employees

Discovery is an initiative of the Cork City Learning Forum for Cork City Development Board, facilitated by Cork City Council and chaired by Cork City VEC


Lifetime Lab

Lifetime Lab will demonstrate hands on activities including coin batteries, kitchen chemistry and numerous Primary science experiments, this year Lifetime Lab will also demonstrate the latest in interactive technology used as part of Lifetime Lab primary science workshops and school tours”

PharmaChemical Ireland

the leading representative body for the pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers in Ireland join Discoveryfor the first time. Employees from Schering Plough, Janssen Pharmaceutical, GSK, Eli Lilly, Ge Healthcare, Pfizer and PharmaChemical Ireland will demonstrate some exciting chemistry experiments


An Garda Siochána

Always a hit at Discovery, your local Gardaí explain how science is used to recreate crime scenes and understand accidents.

 Garda Logo

Defence Forces

The Army’s engineers are back! Discovery 2010 welcomes our Signals and Ordinance personell.

 The Defence Forces

Cork Institute of Technology

Seeing is believing: the power of microscopy

Hand it on: a demonstration of the transmission of viruses.

Are you good enough to be a racing driver?: measure your reaction time and find out.

Don’t I know you? facial recognition.



Test your wits against some high-tech challenges. Whizzkids Multimedia Training appeals to 9-17 year olds, with multi-activity summer camps offering a mix of entertainment and education, including web design, moviemakingand their Spy Academy. Catering for approx 1000 children each summer in UCC, UCD, DCU, UL & NUIG, Whizzkids now also offers afterschool and tailored programs for groups such as Foroige, National Schools and special

needs groups. For further details see


Discover Sensors

A display of recent competition winners sponsored by STEPS to Engineering’s Cork branch


Junior Achievement

One of Ireland’s leading children’s charities and part of a huge worldwide organisat ion. Partnerships with over 150 companies and organisations help prepare young people for the world of work. Some of their most popular programmes involve science and maths skills.


Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre

Enter the Senses Laboratory and explore how your body interacts with the world. Experiments and video games – a  must for all the family. To get a taste, check out


Open University in Ireland

Joining us from Belfast and Dublin and Belfast,


Ucc College of Science, Engineering and Food Science (SEFS)

Come and experience the excitement of Science at the UCC College of Science, Engineering and Food Science (SEFS) interactive stand. Challenge your friends to a game of mysterious Mindball - the only way to win is to relax and let your brainwaves do the work! Take a journey around the Solar System with our Magic Planet and much, much more!

UCC also displays rare Darwin materials held in Cork



Perennial puzzles from one of the worlds top science exhibition designers.

 Techniquest Logo

Tyndall National Institute

Celebrate Creativity and Innovation at the Tyndall National Institute interactive stand! See demonstrations on how sensors can improve our lives, how light powers the internet allowing us to share information with the world, and explore the properties of materials by making slime. Also on display are entries to Tyndall National Institute’s annual photography competition for schools, Science Snaps.


Blackrock Castle Observatory

The StarDome brings the excitement of space and astronomy to Discovery. Step in and explore our Solar  system and our galaxy, the Milky Way.


Blackrock Castle Observatory is the Irish contact for ESO, the European Southern Observatory which is the foremost intergovernmental astronomy organisation in Europe and the world’s most productive astronomical observatory.  

 BCO logo

Cork Electronics Industry Association

Our companies showcase their exciting technology products designed and developed by engineers here in Cork.


Cork Chamber School Awards on display in the main hall



- Take the Quiz on your tour of Discovery - how much have you learned? -

prizes sponsored by maplin electronic retailer, blackpool shopping centre, cork

Discovery 2010 is not just a day out

As part of our 2 week program, workshops & shows visit schools around cork and are available in city hall


Armagh Planetarium

Make a rocket to launch in the school yard, or explore the wonders of the universe and of the human body in marvelous 3D

 Armagh Planetarium

Steve Thomas - Roboteer

If he hasn’t been to your school yet, see what Steve can teach in his workshops for Robo Cup Junior. Dress’em, race ‘em, send them on a treasure hunt.


Science Magic with Paul McCrory

Is it a trick, is it magic or is it science? Paul’s fastpaced show will enlighten you on some of the the mysteries of magic - explained by science

 Think Differently

Cork Electronics Industry Association

Engineer your own lights, flying objects and sirens at the Brainbox electronics workshops (ages 8-12),

or use Computer Aided Design tools and microchips in the Digital Designer workshop. (age 16+)


Junior Achievement

what do you want to be? Explore careers in Science and technology through this Careers Game, modelled on real life jobs

Discovery Science Exhibition 09 Brochure 

Discovery 2009 Sponsors

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