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Long-term leasing arrangements for Social Housing Purposes

This new initiative represents an expansion of the options available to Cork City Council for the delivery of social housing. Properties will be leased from the private sector and used to accommodate households from the waiting list. Leased properties will be allocated to tenants, in accordance with Cork City Council's scheme of letting priorities.

There are 2 options for property owners who are considering making their properties available to a local authority or approved housing body or AHB

1. Long-Term Lease Arrangements (10-20 Years)

2.Availability Arrangements (1-10 Years) * Please note at present Cork City Council is only operating this arrangement.

Details of each arrangement are set out in the Social Leasing Brochure below.

All expressions of interest must be returned directly to Cork City Council on the submission template available below.

Cork City Council will accept proposals in respect of individual dwellings and multiple dwellings.  

Consideration will only be given to properties in areas where the Local Authority has a need for housing.  Properties must be of good quality and comply with all planning and building regulations.  Submissions are sought on an on-going basis under this scheme.  

All expressions of interest should be submitted on a standard template available for download at  and returned for consideration to or in writing to  the

Senior Executive Officer,
Housing Capital section,
Housing & Community Directorate,
City Hall,
Anglesea Street,

Submissions should be marked “Leasing Project/Social Housing”.

Leasing Project/Social Housing Submission Template(84KB)

Social Leasing Brochure(125KB)

Furnishings For Leased Properties(150KB) Furnishings For Leased Properties