Housing Strategy

Cork Planning Authorities Joint Housing Strategy 2009 

Part V of the Planning and Development Act, 2000 requires that all Planning Authorities prepare Housing Strategies and incorporate these into their development plans. Legislation provides for the preparation of a Housing Strategy jointly by two or more planning authorities in respect of the combined area of their development plans. 

The 2009 Cork Planning Authorities Joint Housing Strategy has been developed by Cork City Council, Cork County Council and the nine Town Councils which are planning authorities. It is a review of the previous Joint Housing Strategy produced in 2001 and has replaced the 2001 Strategy. 

The primary purpose of the Strategy is to ensure that the overall supply of housing is sufficient to meet the planned population of Cork. It is based on a shared vision which sees having a suitable place to live at an affordable price as a basic right. 

The full Strategy report may be downloaded from this page in pdf format. 

Link to Cork Planning Authorities Joint Housing Strategy, 2009