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Public consultation begins on €6 million Morrison’s Island Public Realm and Flood Defence Project

Cork City Council is seeking Part 8 planning permission for a €6 million Morrison’s Island Public Realm and Flood Defence Project where the flood defences required in Cork City blend seamlessly into an enhanced public space.

The proposed scheme includes a high quality south facing upgraded streetscape, remedial/strengthening works to the existing quay walls and the construction of integrated flood defence works. 

These improvements will be delivered along Morrison’s and Fr. Mathew Quays between Parliament Bridge and Parnell Bridge as well as a short section of works at Union Quay close to Trinity footbridge.

 Morrisons Island Photo

These quays are the lowest lying in the city centre and are a source of regular tidal flooding. Flood defences are therefore a priority for this area. The proposed scheme will deliver a high quality public amenity space which also delivers the required standard of flood protection.

The Lord Mayor, Cllr Tony Fitzgerald said: “The proposals for Morrison’s Island represent an unmissable opportunity to bring about comprehensive regeneration of this historic area and to re-orientate this part of the city towards the river”.

In the coming days and weeks, widespread consultation is taking place around the project with briefings also being made to city councillors, business associations, local business, residents, community and voluntary groups and the wider public.

A display of the project, including a replica of the flood defences, is also to be exhibited at the Foyer at Cork Civic Offices from today, Monday, February 12.

The proposed works comprise of:

  • Provision of an integrated public realm and flood defence project where flood defences blend seamlessly into the enhanced public space
  • Enhancement of the sense of distinctiveness of Morrison’s Island, respecting and celebrating the rich heritage and history of the area
  • Construction of 3m wide riverside promenade
  • Refurbishment of the existing quay walls to ensure their long term integrity into the future
  • Improvements to the entrances to Trinity Footbridge to make it a focal point
  • Construction of new high quality footpaths, seating areas, and new plaza area at Parnell Bridge and Trinity Bridge, as well as improved public realm space at Holy Trinity Church
  • Raising of ground levels in order to minimise the visual impacts of the flood defence parapet relative to new ground level (defence wall of no more than 600mm, with a railing on top)
  • Provision of flood protection against tidal flooding to the required 1 in 200 year standard including an appropriate freeboard
  • Rationalisation of traffic movement and parking provision, facilitating significant improvements for pedestrians/cyclists, and provision of cycle parking
  • All associated site development works.

The landscape architects engaged as part of the multi disciplinary team designing the scheme will present the proposals at a number of seminars for business and residents to be held at Cork City Hall.

Morrisons Island 2

Representatives of Cork City Council will also be available after the presentations to answer any questions or discuss any aspect of the project on which attendees require further clarification.

In addition, there will also be two public information days during which members of the public or businesses can attend and discuss the proposals with representatives of both the City Council and the landscape architects:

  • Monday , February 26 from 3:00pm until 7:00pm in the Millennium Hall
  • Friday , March 9 from 3:00pm until 7:00pm in the Millennium Hall

Morrisons Island


 Particulars of the proposal will be available for inspection at:

  • The Atrium, Cork City Council, from Monday 12th February until Monday 26th March 2018 between 9:00 – 5.00pm, Monday to Friday

  • Online at

 Submissions and observations dealing with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area in which the proposed development is situated, may be made:

 before 4.00pm on Monday 9th April 2018


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