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Roads Construction and Design Division

The Roads Design Section is responsible for the preparation of Detail Designs and Contract Documentation for Road Schemes throughout the city. The planning of these schemes takes place in co-operation with the Department of the Environment and Local Government and the National Roads Authority Design Office in Glashaboy. The completion of these schemes is dependent on funding from both the DOELG and the NRA. The supervision of the Major Projects is also co-ordinated by the Roads Design/Construction Section and the N.R.A. Office.

The Major Works in 2003 are expected to be the following:

  1. St. Patrick Street
    Work has commenced on the Urban Landscape and Refurbishment Works to St. Patrick Street. This scheme costing €11m commenced in mid-2002 and is due for completion in mid-2004. This is a very important scheme for Cork City in the lead-up to the European City of Culture 2005.


  2. Kinsale Road Interchange
    It is hoped to commence work on the Kinsale Road Interchange in 2003, and we have requested a grant of €10m from the National Roads Authority for this work.


  3. Blackpool Bypass
    Work commenced in late 2002 on the rehabilitation of the Watercourse Road, which consists of an Urban Landscaping and Traffic Management/Traffic Calming Scheme. The total estimated cost of this scheme is in the order of €4m and it is hoped to be completed by the end of 2004.


  4. Sarsfield Road
    Work commenced in late 2002 on the Widening of Sarsfield Road, which is the main Link Road between the South Ring Road and Wilton area. This will be a 2 X 2 Lane Dual Carriageway and is due for completion in late 2003.


  5. Southern Ring Road
    We have done advanced works on the Southern Ring Road on the approach to Kinsale Road Grade Separation. It is hoped to continue with this work in 2003.


  6. Jack Lynch Tunnel and Approach Roads
    The Jack Lynch Tunnel has on ongoing maintenance and improvement programme. Please see -  

  7. Cornmarket Bridge
    Cork City Council are in the process of designing a new pedestrian bridge linking Popes Quay to Cornmarket Street. It is hoped to commence work on this important bridge early in 2003, with a completion date mid-2004. The scheme is quite a simple and distinctive design and was the result of an International Competition which was run by Cork City Council and the Institute of Engineers of Ireland.


  8. Oliver Plunkett Street
    In general the City Centre streets in Cork require considerable investment over the next two years. Cork Main Drainage works will be completed in the city centre in late 2003, and it is hoped to undertake extensive reinstatement and paving work during 2004.


The above are some of the main schemes that Cork City Council has planned for 2003.