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The documents listed below are available from Cork City Council's Reception Desk City Hall, Cork, which is open to the public from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Monday to Friday.

If your web browser is not configured to send e-mail and you would like to contact the Roads Directorate on-line, please use the on-line mail form 

However, you may also download these documents in PDF Format. The Roads Department asks you to note that if you download a particular form, please return the form by post as an original signature is required on the form.

Roads Directorate - Roads Control Division

Directions for the Management and Control of Roadworks in Cork City(3,514KB)


Guide to Road Opening Licences (PDF)(90KB)

Guide to Road Opening Licences (HTML)(5KB)

Ceadúnas chun Bóthar a Oscailt-treoir(102KB)

Form T1 - Roadworks Notification(95KB)

Foirm T1 - Fógra Oibreacha Bóthair(77KB)

Form T2 - 7 Day Advance Notification(85KB)

Forim T2 - Réamhfhógra 7 Lá(77KB)

Form T2A - Reinstatement of Newly Resurfaced Roadways (Excavations greater than 5 square Metres) (PDF)(21KB)

Foirm T2A - Bóithre a Athdhromchlaíodh as an Nua Meith 2005(37KB)

Form T3 - Minimum Impact Works Notification(61KB)

Foirm T3 - Foirm Iarratais agus Coinníollacha (102KB)

Form T3A - Reinstatement of Newly Resurfaced Roadway (Excavations less than 5 square metres in area (PDF) (20KB)

Foirm T3A - Bóithre a Athdhromchlaíodh as an Nua (37KB)

Form T5 - Re-instatement closure notification (PDF)(139KB)

Foirm T5 - Fógra maidir le Dúnadh i gComhair Athchóirithe Iúil 2011(107KB)

Temporary Road Closures

Guide to Temporary Road Closure (HTML Version) (5KB)

Guide to Temporary Road Closure (PDF) (138KB)

Form R1 - Application Form for Temporary Road Closure (doc) (109KB)

Foirm R1 - Iarratas ar Dhúnadh Sealadach Bóthair(103KB)


Form SOL - Application for Skip Operators Licence (PDF)(37KB)

Form SPL - Licence Application to place a skip on a public road/footpath(55KB)

Tables and Chairs on the Public Road/Footpath

Form SF - Licence Application for the Placement of Tables and Chairs on the Public Road/Footpath.(40KB)

Foirm SF – Scéim chun boird agus cathaoireacha(119KB)

Hoarding and Scaffolding

Form HS - Licence Application to Erect, Construct, Place and Maintain A Hoarding or Scaffolding on a Public Road/Footpath(43KB)

Foirm HS - Foirm Iarratais agus Coinníollacha(122KB)

Placement of a Crane/Hoist on a Public Road/Footpath

Use of Public Space for an Activity/Event

Form MCH - Licence Application to Place A Mobile Crane/Hoist on a Public Road/Footpath(45KB)

Foirm MCH - Craein soghluaiste-ardaitheoir(113KB)

Form PS - Licence Application to Use A Public Area for an Activity/Event(99KB)

Foirm PS - Úsáid as Spásanna Poiblí (117KB)

Tow Away & Clamping Appeals Form & Procedures(70KB)

Application Form For a Resident's Parking Disc - August 2014(42KB)

Cead Cónaitheoirí Treoirlínte agus Iarratas(87KB)

Parking Services Appeal Form - Fixed Charge Penalty Notice (28KB)

Roads Directorate - Traffic Division

Foirm achomhairc le hagh seirbhísí páirceála(18KB)

Location of Disabled Parking Spaces in Cork City (PDF) (8KB)

Location of Disabled Parking Spaces in Cork City (HTML) (7KB)

Abnormal Load Permits (14KB)

Application Form - Replacement Permit - August 2014(31KB)

Application Form - Change of Vehicle - August 2014(32KB)

Application Form For a Family Carer's Special Permit - August 2014(44KB)