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Transportation Division

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Monday to Friday 9.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

The aim of the Traffic Division is to provide safe and efficient traffic movement within the city. This is achieved by traffic management plans, parking enforcement and provision of parking, public lighting and managing statutory procedures such as road closures, traffic diversions etc. The maintenance of the Public Lighting Programme is contracted to the ESB. The pay parking services section is responsible for management of the City Council’s off-street car parks and enforcement of parking bye-laws on the city’s streets. A system of disc parking is in place in the city centre streets. A new system for parking on-street utilising a mobile phone will be available to the public in early 2005.

The Traffic Division co-ordinates the control and management of traffic, parking and street lighting within the city. This work includes the design, installation and maintenance of traffic signals, traffic signs and road markings. Traffic diversions and road closures are carried out to facilitate road works, the upgrading of underground utility services or the holding of special events such as races, carnivals, parades, etc.

A Cork Traffic Model (CTM) has been constructed to simulate the traffic patterns in the city. It was used to forecast the effect of the Jack Lynch Tunnel and to highlight traffic pattern changes as a result of this major road infrastructure. It is also being used to test new road schemes including the Blackpool By-Pass and the Ballincollig By-Pass. A major element of the modelling work will be the carrying out of feasibility studies on the various City Council transportation policies. Major studies being done include the analysis of the effect of reverting some of the city centre one-way systems to two-way, and a comprehensive review of the traffic situation in Bishopstown and the effect of the new green routes on the street network.

Parking is a major function of the Traffic Division and it is responsible for the control of on-street parking and off-street parking, the management of the two multi-storey car parks and Park & Ride. Disc Parking is the system of control on the streets and it is widely regarded as an efficient and flexible system with the added advantage of being 'environmental friendly' in that the amount of street furniture required is minimal. Cork City Council employs its own traffic wardens to enforce the parking regulations. Enforcement of the Disc Parking Bye-Laws and the Traffic Regulations is carried out by Traffic Wardens.

Parking in Cork City

Cork City Council operates a Disc Parking system of Payment for parking in Cork City Centre. Cars parked in a Disc Parking area (as indicated by on street parking signs and information plates) must display a valid parking disc. The Parking limit in each area will be identified by the normal parking sign – the letter ‘P’ in a circle and an information plate showing the time allocated in the area. The leaflet below contains information about parking in Cork City. If you have any further queries please contact the Administrative Officer, Traffic Division, City Hall, Cork.

Road Closures and Diversions

This data is correct at time of going on-line but may be subject to change at short notice due to emergency works or other necessary reasons. Cork City Council Traffic Division Road Closures and Diversions.


Issue Date Tuesday 6th January, 2015 



  • 20.00 hrs on Tuesday 6th January 2015 until 07.00 hrs on Wednesday 7th January 2015
  • 20.00 hrs on Wednesday 7th January 2015 until 07.00 hrs on Thursday 8th January 2015
  • 20.00 hrs on Thursday 8th January 2015 until 07.00 hrs on Friday 9th January 2015



Water Department (Cork City Council)

  • Tuesday 6th January – Lower Glanmire Road (outside No.128) – lane restrictions in place from 0930hrs – 1300hrs to facilitate repair of broken watermain
  • Wednesday 7th January – Evergreen Street (at the jct. with Tower Street – Industry Street) – road closure required from 0930hrs – 1530hrs to facilitate repair of broken watermain
  • Thursday 8th January - St. Clare's Avenue (between College Road & Magazine Road) – road closure from 0930hrs – 1530hrs to facilitate repair of leaking watermain


Cork City Council thanks you for your co-operation and apologises for the disruption that may be caused by these works