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CASP and other strategic plans

The development plan for Cork is prepared within a bigger strategic context that includes the Cork Area Strategic Plan 2001-2020 and higher level statutory plans. These provide the basis for a range of strategic targets relating to land use, transportation, population, infrastructure, economic development and other development issues. The relevant context documents are: 

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The award-winning Cork Area Strategic Plan 2001-2020 (or “CASP”) is a strategic land use and transportation plan for the metropolitan area of Cork City and its hinterland. Cork Area Strategic Plan 2001 - 2020 was adopted by Cork City Council and Cork County Council on 22nd October 2001. 

Cork Area Strategic Plan is a framework to enable Cork to become a leading European city region - globally competitive, socially inclusive and culturally enriched. In response to economic growth and expectations over the next 20 years, both Cork and the sub-region will need to adapt to compete in a rapidly changing international market. Crucially the plan is a joint plan between Cork City Council and Cork County Council and forms the basis for key strategic objectives that have been transposed into the two development plans. These, in turn, form the basis for considering proposals for development. 

The CASP Update, dated July 2008, adheres to the key goals for the CASP Area which were adopted as part of the 2001 plan and delivers an updated strategy which provides a significant enhancement in economic growth and accommodates a greater population than originally envisaged.  

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