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Grants Schemes in Cork City

The following grant schemes are being run in Cork City in 2014. The grant schemes are being run by the Strategic Planning and Economic Development Directorate to contribute to the regeneration and enhancement of Cork’s City Centre (historic core) and also the good custodianship of Cork's built heritage. The Built Heritage and Jobs Leverage Scheme is funded by the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht (DAHG) and the other schemes are funded by the City Council from its own scarce resources.



The Grants for the DAHG funded Conservation of Protected Structures Grant Scheme has been superceded by the Built Heritage Jobs Leverage Scheme in 2014. The DAHG funded Structures at Risk Fund is not being run in 2014.


Tax Incentives Schemes

City Living Initiative

The Department of Finance are developing a new tax incentive scheme to encourage investment in historic buildings dating from pre-1915. If you have any queries on this scheme please email: The City Council understands that the scheme will be launched before the end of 2014 following consultation with all six urban City Councils in Ireland and EU approval of the scheme. It is anticipated that the scheme will run for a period of 5 years. Please click on the link for more information..

Living Cities Initiative Update