Economic Profile

Economic Profile 2

Cork is Ireland’s second largest economic region, with a population of more than 550,000 which is forecast to double by 2040.  

Cork is set to play a pivotal role as the economic powerhouse of the southern region of Ireland, as set out in the National Planning Framework – a strategic long-term plan to build and enhance Ireland’s economic competitiveness.

Our current Socio-economic profile shows a City that is at the cusp of even greater things in the short years ahead. 

Our Docklands area is ready to thrive and expand beyond all recognition in the next decade.

Transport systems will be revolutionised under the roll-out of the Cork Metropolitan Area Strategy to transform Cork in to a green and pedestrian mobile urban environment. 

All these economic developments will be underpinned by an agile and responsive economic strategy that pivots and drives the economic engine at the heart of Cork City.