Malta - Partner City

Malta - Partner City

Malta Enterprise (ME) was established in 2004 and is Malta’s national development agency. The agency is responsible for promoting and facilitating international investment in the Maltese Islands by offering investors tailored services as well as coordinating initiatives to promote the country’s economic growth attractiveness. Malta Enterprise is also responsible for the growth and development of Maltese enterprises.

Workshop, September 30th, 2021

Organised by Malta Enterprises, the 3rd workshop of the project was to improve collaboration in each region between existing local networks and stakeholders and supporting the fostering of a local social economy community.

This event was attended by local stakeholders, from a variety of backgrounds - enterprise, government, NGOs/support organisations, civil society and academia/education - as well as  Estonian and Irish project partners, their respective stakeholders, and other experts and guest speakers.

Case studies

1. Valleta Design Cluster

The Valletta Design Cluster is a community space which enables innovation, its main focuses are design, entrepreneurship, and social impact.

The Valletta Design Cluster believes that by engaging in activities that improve social well-being it can serve better its communities and fulfil its role as a platform for empowerment and exchange. To this effect, its understanding of design is informed by principles of inclusivity, co-creation and experimentation. Cultural practice, sustainable enterprise, and socially-engaged initiatives can be important contributors in translating this vision into reality.

2. Social Entrepreneurs Association Malta

The aim of SEAM is to empower social entrepreneurs to achieve their aspirations, whilst creating a positive social impact on the world.

The Association aims to lobby for the recognition of social enterprise as a legally recognised form, through the enactment of the Social Enterprise Act; and advocate for the interest of the sector at local, regional and national levels.