REACHOUT (Horizon 2020)

REACHOUT is a European Commission funded research and innovation project to advance user-oriented climate services to support the implementation of the Green Deal Therefore, research partners, climate service providers and city stakeholders are co-developing a coherent set of services for seven city hubacross the European Union.

These services support cities to Analyse hazard, exposure and vulnerability to climate change, formulate Ambitions for Climate Resilient Urban Development, and identify, evaluate and select adaptation Actions for implementations. This so-called Triple-A toolkit builds upon and utilizes existing tools and services.  To ensure sustainability beyond the lifetime of the project close cooperates with existing climate service platforms and develops business models for implementation of the services from the start. 


The Triple-A approach is based on proven success in many cities across the world.  At the start of the project the “toolkit” is compiled from a concrete set of proven successful tools, climate information branched off the C3S portal, and a set of background data layers on land use and socio-economic indicators.  Additionally, the project is developing localized (city specific) ‘Climate Stories’ which translate climate science into information that the local officials, water experts, advisors, citizens and companies can understand and work with. 

More information on the project may be found at REACHOUT: Shaping Climate Resilient Cities

Climate action, and specifically adaptation planning, requires networking at all scales, from the community and city level to the regional and national level for both public authorities and the private sectors and civil society. For this reason REACHOUT is using City Hubs as anchors to advance climate services.  

City Partners include:

  • Amsterdam
  • Milan
  • Cork
  • Athens
  • Lillestrøm
  • Gdynia
  • Logroño

Research Partners include:

  • Deltares
  • Climate Adaption Services
  • CMCC
  • Ecologic Institute
  • NGI
  • Resilient Cities Network
  • Sendzimir Foundation
  • Tecnalia
  • University College Cork
  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam