Cycling-Related Online Content

Links to online events will be available on the day here.

 SATURDAY 19th September

History of Cycling In West Cork – Podcast

Learn to Cycle – Online Intro & Bike Set Up Video 2

 SUNDAY 20th September

Cycle Bus – Online Forum 

Learn to Cycle – Online Helmet Set Up Video 3

School Cycle Bus – Podcast

 MONDAY 21st September

Green Schools Podcast

Health Promotion & Improvement – Where Will Your Bike Take You Challenge

Learn To Cycle – Online Striding Video 4

 TUESDAY 22nd September

Learn to Cycle – Online Programme Gliding Video 5

Women and Children on Bikes – Podcast

 WEDNESDAY 23rd September

Learn To Cycle – Online Programme Braking Video 6

Slower Streets – Podcast

Sprocket Rocket – Online Video

 THURSDAY 24th September

Clonakilty Bicycle Festival – Podcast

Learn to Cycle – Online Programme: Pedal Ready Video 7

 FRIDAY 25th September

History of Bike Advocacy in Ireland – Podcast

Learn to Cycle – Online Programme: Pedalling Video 8

Online Event – Cork Community Bikes: Sharing experiences of running a community bike workshop and exploring opportunities in your area

Online workshop with Sonja – Spraying your bike, stencils, colours and personality

 SATURDAY 26th September

Cycling without Age – Podcast

Online workshop with Jill Barrett – make your own bike skirt guard or bike seat cover!

Wheel Women Love Bikes – Panel Discussion

 SUNDAY 27th September

Online Cork Community Bikes: Bike maintenance Top Tips and Q&A This session will be held on Zoom, between 5-6.30pm. Details and free registration here.

You Can't Do It Alone – Cycling Podcast