The Foyer Deal (Residents Charter)

This charter explains our responsibilities to each other during your stay in the Foyer.  Your stay in the Foyer is conditional on you keeping to this agreement (Deal), as we work together in the interest of your development and the development of the Foyer service for young people in the future.


What you can expect from us:

  • To live in safe, secure and well maintained accommodation free from unnecessary intrusion


  • To receive a confidential service and have your privacy respected


  • To live in an environment free from harassment


  • To be treated fairly, regardless of your race, ethnic origin nationality, religion, culture, gender, sexual orientation, disability


  • To be treated with respect and to be consulted about the decisions which affect your life


  • To have your voice heard through the means of resident participation and the complaints procedure – (See Youth Offer)


  • To have your complaints acted upon swiftly and effectively


  • To receive the support you require to achieve independent living by the end of your stay at the Foyer


  • To receive support in accessing available employment, education, personal development and training opportunities


  • To receive help to identify and develop your existing talents or explore and develop new talents and skills


  • To receive advice on available resettlement opportunities, ultimately enabling you to be resettled in the community


  • To have reasonable access to internal training and other facilities


  • To live up to our Youth Offer and work in an Advantaged Thinking way

What we expect of you:

  • To familiarise yourself with and adhere to the terms and conditions of your Licence Agreement
  • To familiarise yourself with and adhere to the terms and conditions of the Foyer Policies and Procedures
  • To familiarise yourself with and adhere to the Foyer Codes of Behaviour and make sure that your visitors comply with the Foyer Codes of Behaviour
  • To adhere to your Individual Support Plan, which you have agreed to, and to attend regular Support Reviews
  • To attend and participate in development programmes which are designed to raise your Independent Living Skills, Employability, Resilience and Talents
  • To attend interviews and meetings as reasonably required by the Foyer team or associated training providers in order to achieve pre- agreed targets/goals
  • To keep the Foyer staff fully informed of any change in your circumstances.  This is particularly important where employment and training are concerned
  • To help the development of the Foyer service for young people now and in the future, providing constructive and appropriate feedback on the Foyer service
  • To buy into the Foyer ethos and “Deal” which will be fully explained to you throughout your stay

A copy of the Foyers Youth Offer and the “Deal” shall always be displayed in a prominent location.


The Codes of Behaviour may change from time to time after this Charter, which you will be consulted about and informed in writing.


An up to date copy of the Codes of Behaviour will always be available in the reception.


If the Foyer does not meet its responsibilities, you can complain in line with the Foyer Complaints Procedure or simply talk to the Foyer Manager


If you do not meet your responsibilities, appropriate action will be taken to address this which may mean you could be subject to disciplinary action or even lose your home.