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The Private Rented Housing Inspections unit in the Directorate of Housing and Community is responsible for inspection of privately rented accommodation and enforcement of the Housing (Standards for Rented Houses) Regulations 2019 (S.I. 17 of 2019) to ensure that rented dwellings comply with minimum standards. These Regulations set out the minimum standards which all rented dwellings must achieve and include specific requirements for areas such as structural condition, heating, food storage and preparation, sanitation, ventilation and fire safety. Failure to comply with the Regulations may result in the owner of the property being served with an Improvement Notice and/or Prohibition Notice and possible prosecution pursuant to the Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1992.

If you are concerned that your privately rented home might not be compliant with the minimum standards you should first bring the issue to the attention of your landlord and they must be given a reasonable opportunity to access the property and carry out any necessary repairs or improvements.

If you are unsuccessful in having your landlord adequately resolve the issues with your privately rented dwelling then you may request that one of Cork City Council’s Building Inspectors carry out an inspection of the dwelling and, if necessary, instruct your landlord to carry out appropriate repair or improvement work. An inspection may be requested by filling out an inspection request form which is available from the Housing & Community counter in City Hall or to download below:

Inspection Request Form.pdf (size 224.7 KB)

Before submitting an inspection request please be mindful of the following:

  • The functions of this unit relate to inspection and enforcement of the Regulations in privately rented accommodation only. The unit does not deal with repair and maintenance requests from tenants in social housing owned by Cork City Council – such requests should be directed to the Housing Maintenance Section
  • An inspection will only be carried out where the complaint relates specifically to a suspected non compliance with the Regulations. Complaints which do not relate to the Regulations cannot be investigated.
  • A request form should only be submitted if you have already been unsuccessful in having your landlord address the problem adequately.
  • Only complaints from tenants resident in the rented dwelling will be investigated. Complaints lodged by third parties cannot be entertained.
  • Inspections will be carried out at the discretion of Cork City Council.

Further information regarding the Standards for Rented houses is available from the following sources:

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