City Centre Placemaking–Greening of the City Grant

Cork City Council values and supports the greening of Cork City and protecting and enhancing its unique biodiversity. Natural heritage and biodiversity is known to enhance the attractiveness of the urban environment, contributes to health and wellbeing of those working, living and visiting, and buffers noise as well as improving the air quality of the City. To that end a new grant scheme “City Centre Placemaking – Greening of the City” is being advertised under the Cork City Council Placemaking fund This grant scheme is aimed at providing funding in the form of small grants for businesses, institutions, local community-based groups and residents associations who want to be involved in ongoing work that contributes to the greening of the urban streets and encourages biodiversity in the city centre. Funding of between €100 and €500 is available per grant. The Council may provide funding to the amount of 70% of the total cost subject to a maximum amount of 500 euro. (If a number of businesses/groups submit a joint application the funding will be assessed giving consideration to the number of joint applicants) Examples of eligible activities include planting window boxes, hanging baskets, outdoor areas, with pollinator friendly or edible plants, creating vertical green walls or parklets or food towers or installing bird or bat boxes or insect motels. For the purpose of this grant the City Centre is deemed to include the following areas. 

Why a green city?

A green city improves the environment, ensures rich biodiversity, reduces air pollution, ensures water storage, dampens noise and help cooling down in warm periods. Green is also essential for a climate-proof and sustainable environment. In addition, there is a positive effect on the health and social connections of people living, working and recreating in a green environment.