Project Details


The project will deliver significant upgrades along Morrison’s Quay and Fr. Matthew Quay between Parliament Bridge and Parnell Bridge, including upgraded streetscape, including a wide riverside walkway, a new plaza at the eastern end of the South Mall and a redesigned Trinity Bridge.

The works will deliver the following:

  • Traffic flow within Morrison’s Island will be changed to one-way clockwise only;
  • The eastern end of Morrison’s Quay will become pedestrianised and a new enhanced plaza area provided in this area;
  • High quality paved pedestrian riverside walkway with a minimum width of 3 metres;
  • To facilitate the proposed riverside walkway, the existing right-angle parking along the quays will be removed and replaced with parallel parking;
  • Ground levels along both quays will be carefully re-graded to ensure that the solid element of the parapets will be no higher than knee height (600mm) above the new walkway level, so that views of the river will not be hindered;
  • Significant remedial works will be carried out on the existing quay walls to ensure the future integrity of these assets. This will include cleaning, re-pointing and grouting along with construction of a reinforced concrete backing wall.

The map below shows the extent of the scheme:


Key features of the proposed project include the following:

  • Architecturally designed entrances on the north and south side of Trinity Bridge. The north side of the bridge will include a flared entrance with ramp access down to the bridge deck. Large benched steps will form seating at the entrance. Similarly, the south side will include flared entrances onto Union Quay. The east side of the bridge will open up into a 30 metre boardwalk that runs north along the existing footpath at Union Quay. 


  • The design for Parnell Plaza includes a central open area with a series of large stone benched steps to the north side of the plaza adjacent to South Mall. These steps will form the flood defences and will include flood gates at the central steps from South Mall and at the western entrance from the shared path. A viewing platform is proposed at the end of the shared path.


  • Provision of integrated flood gates at Trinity Bridge (north and south) and Parnell Plaza;
  • The extension (i.e. raising) of existing limestone stepped river accesses where necessary;
  • High quality street furniture tree planting/soft landscaping;
  • High quality public lighting;
  • Restoration of existing heritage lamp posts;
  • Upgraded drainage system incorporating non-return valves on drainage outfalls and pumping stations to manage surface water discharge during high tides;
  • Other works such as the diversion and sealing of utility services, undergrounding of the existing overhead electricity cables and removal of old poles etc.