Rates Boundary FAQs

How can I contact the Rates Department in Cork City Council?

Email – rates@corkcity.ie

Phone – 021 492 4484

You can also contact Cork City Council’s Customer Service Unit at 021 492 4000, with queries.

How can I pay Rates to Cork City Council?

Rates are payable by:

  • Cash (at the cash desk in City Hall, or to the Assistant Rate Collector for your area),
  • By Standing Order via EFT (make sure to quote your new Cork City Council Account number),

Bank: A.I.B, 66 South Mall, Cork

IBAN: IE11 AIBK 9341 7880 9161 88



  • By Direct Debit (you need to contact the Cork City Council rates office for a Direct Debit mandate form),
  • By cheque, or post dated cheques (to clear in the current financial year),
  • Over the phone by Credit Card.

Cork City Council will collect Rates due from 1st January 2020 only.

Arrears payments due for the period up to the 31st December 2019 remain payable to the County Council.

When will I get my 2020 Rates bill from Cork City Council?

We expect bills to issue in March 2020. If you have arrears with Cork County Council a bill/statement may also issue from Cork County Council.

When can I pay my Rates to Cork City Council?

Rates can be paid after a bill is issued which we expect to be in March 2020.

I pay by Standing Order – what do I need to do?

If you have no arrears you need to stop your standing order to Cork County Council.

You need to set up a new standing order to the Cork City Council’s bank account quoting your new Cork City Council Account Number.

Will my Rates account number stay the same?


As a new ratepayer in Cork City Council, you will be issued with a new account number. This is a vital reference number. You will be given this account number when  your first bill is issued by Cork City Council in March this year.

How much will my rates be for 2020?

Rates for 2020 will remain the same as Rates in 2019, there will not be an increase in Rates.

However, Rates on vacant property attract a 50% charge.

How much rates do I pay on vacant property?

50 % of Rates are payable on vacant property, if the following criteria are met:

  1. The property was vacant on the date the rate was made;
  2. The property was available to let or was undergoing refurbishment work;
  3. Proof of same must be submitted to Cork City Council before any vacancy relief is applied.

What if I owe arrears to Cork County Council?

If you owe Cork County Council arrears, you deal with Cork County Council for any rates accrued prior to 2020. Cork City Council is collecting Rates due from 01/01/2020 only.

You may for a time need to engage with the two local authorities regarding payment arrangements.

What if I have a pay agreement with Cork County Council?

If you are paying arrears to Cork County Council you will need to contact the Cork City Council regarding the payment of 2020 Rates.

Can I pay my Rates in instalments?

Yes, Cork City Council will take payments in instalments. All proposed pay plans must be sent via email to rates@corkcity.ie and if accepted payments have to be maintained.

Does Cork City Council have a Rates Incentive Scheme?

Yes, an incentive scheme is in operation for SME’s who fulfil certain criteria. A 3% discount is applied to accounts whose annual charge is under €4,000, and who have Rates paid in full by November 30th. The discount is automatically applied for qualifying customers to the following year’s bill.

Customers that qualified for the County Council Rates incentive scheme in 2019 will have a credit applied to their 2020 Rates bill issued by the Cork City Council.

Does the rateable valuation of my property change?

The rateable valuation of your property will not change in 2020 unless listed for revision with the Valuation Office.