Start at Best

Start at Best is a Horizon 2020 project which promotes SME competitiveness through the funding of workplace innovation practices* (WPI) among the EU SME community.  A competitive Open Call for Funding Proposals targeting Irish companies is now taking applications for company initiatives which support and/or improve working conditions and/or the workplace environment; ultimately having the potential to drive the company’s business competitiveness.  Call details are available on Start at Best website.

Start at Best

This project, supported under the Horizon 2020 call  'For a better innovation support to SMEs' and the topic 'Workplace innovation uptake by SMEs (INNOSUP-04-2019)' is aiming to improve non-technological innovation - e.g. relating to human resources practices;  procurement or knowledge management - as a means to enable businesses to prosper.

 EU Programme: Horizon 2020 - Innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises

 Timeframe for activity: June 2019 - June 2021

EU funding secured: €49,500 (€37,500 will be awarded as grants to 5 successful applicants)

Project Manager: Siobhan Finn, Innovation Programme Manager

EU Website:

Workplace innovation aligns with CCC ongoing support for innovation as a viable driver for local company growth. In Q2 2020, having worked with 3 partners including the Startup Europe Regions Network (SERN) on the collective design of a competitive call for funding proposals, CCC will act as the national 'intermediary' for its launch in Ireland. This call will offer small-scale financial assistance to SMEs that are planning to undertake a workplace innovation initiative within the next 12 months. Grants of €7,500 will be made available to support 5 interesting proposals from each of the 3 Member States involved (total 15 companies across three member states), as well as a further pan-European call (for an additional 15 companies). Through this project, CCC will increase the visibility of workplace innovation for business competitiveness and the awareness among SMEs and micro-firms of its relevance