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Protocol for Inviting the Lord Mayor

Any reference in the following to the Lord Mayor includes the Lady Mayoress. The following guidelines and information are intended to inform and help an organisation or group (hereinafter called “the Host”) wishing to invite the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress to attend a function. The Host is required to comply with these guidelines insofar as is practicable.

The guidelines will apply to a Member of Council deputising for, or otherwise representing, the Lord Mayor.


1. A standard form should be fully completed providing details of the function, organisation, etc, and the level of involvement by the Lord Mayor. The form is accessible by clicking on the following link:

Protocol for attendance of Lord Mayor at event(37KB)

Such other information as is considered relevant should also be provided.

2.Invitations to functions or events etc should be sent, either

(i) in hard copy to:-   The Secretary, Lord Mayor’s Office, City Hall, Cork, or 

(ii) electronically to:-    lord_mayor@corkcity.ie

3. In view of the demands on the Office and to facilitate the scheduling of the Lord Mayor’s Diary, adequate notice (generally a minimum of 4 weeks) should be given by the Host.


1.The Host must ensure that a convenient parking space is reserved for the Lord Mayor’s car.

2.The responsible person should meet the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress on arrival at the entrance to the building, and should escort them to their places.

3.The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress should be introduced to the Host, the principals of the organisation / group, other dignitaries, and such others as is considered necessary.  

4.In any seating arrangement the place reserved for the Lord Mayor shall generally be on the immediate right of the Host / person presiding.


1.The Lord Mayor shall have precedence in all places in the city, except when the President of Ireland is present.

2.Where another Member of Council is deputising, or otherwise representing the Lord Mayor, he /she should be accorded the precedence of the Lord Mayor.

3.If the Lord Mayor is required to speak at any function, the initial invitation from the organisation / group should confirm this. Save for the Host’s introduction, it is normal for the Lord Mayor to be the first speaker or associated with the first toast.


1.The correct title for the city’s First Citizen is Lord Mayor or Ardmhéara.  


At the conclusion of the function the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress should be escorted  to their car by the Host or other responsible person.