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Cork City Council passes a €160.24 million budget for 2018

Cork City Council has agreed a €160.24 million budget for next year, an increase of €7.623 million on this year.

There will be no increase in rates, property tax or car parking costs in the city in 2018 as additional expenditure will be funded from a more buoyant rates base due to improved economic activity in the city, rental income and additional departmental grants.  It was also announced at the meeting that Tramore Valley Park is to be opened.

Lord Mayor, Cllr Tony Fitzgerald welcomed the broad cross-party support for tonight’s budget and welcomed the continued focus on increasing and improving social housing.

“There will be a continued focus on returning  vacant homes back into availability for people on the social housing list next year with these repairs 50% grant aid funded and 50% from the council’s own revenues. The housing directorate is also seeking a €11 million grant from the Housing Finance Agency to carry out badly needed housing maintenance ,” he said.

Cork City Council CE, Ann Doherty said the budget provides a “reasonable balance across the competing objectives of developing the social, cultural, economic, environmental and infrastructural needs of the City in a socially inclusive manner”.

The Council will spend its additional funds on homelessness, social inclusion projects, roads and payroll increases due under the last public service pay agreement.

Up to €46.57 million will be spent on housing next year, another €26.7 million on roads, €32.5 million on environmental services and €22 million on recreation and amenity services.

Cork City Council’s rates incentive scheme will continue next year with compliant rate payers paid a 3% grant if they pay on time. This scheme is aimed at SMEs which make up 57% of the city’s rates payers.



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