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Tests have been undertaken on carp at Cork City’s Lough

Tests have been undertaken on carp at Cork City’s Lough amenity after problems were detected amongst the fish.

A number of fish were removed by Inland Fisheries Ireland last Friday and  transported to the Marine Institute in Galway for testing. It will be a number of days before the test results are returned.

Cork City Council Parks Department  contacted Inland Fisheries Ireland and the Marine Institute having been informed about the issue last Thursday. Cork City Council asked the state agencies to carry out tests on the carp and sought advice and support in relation to the issue.  

In the meantime, Inland Fisheries Ireland personnel are present at the Lough on a daily basis, supported by City Council parks staff, with 400 dead carp removed since Saturday last .

Inland Fisheries report that young carp do not seem to be affected to date. The water quality is fine with high levels of water. There also seems to be a similar problem with Belvelly Lake in Cobh.

Cork City Council will be guided by Inland Fisheries Ireland in conjunction with the Marine Institute in relation to the problem.  Parks staff are in daily contact with them.

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