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Parks and Cemeteries


Parks and Cemeteries Services are responsible for the management and maintenance of public parks, public open spaces, play areas, amenity walks, sport pitches, municipal golf course and the four Council owned cemeteries.  

Parks and Cemeteries

In total the Section manages approximately 1,500 acres of Parks, Walkways and open space throughout the City.

The four cemeteries provide a quality and caring burial service for bereaved families.  The individual cemeteries are maintained to a high standard.


Floral Bedding

The Parks Department annually carries out planting and floral bedding across the City.


In line with Cork City Council’s Biodiversity Plan, the importance of nature in the city is being actively prioritised and advanced through the following:

  • creating wild-flower/nature areas in parks and open spaces,
  • selection of suitable species of trees/shrubs to encourage wildlife,
  • sensitive management of river embankments,
  • minimising use of herbicides and pesticides.


Department staff work closely with local community and resident groups in encouraging and supporting enhancement of local neighbourhoods.


The City Council has an Arborist Crew for pruning trees. For those wishing to make a request to have tree works in public space pruned etc. 

email or phone 021-4924333/4924731.

After initial inspection, the Council prioritises tree works according to priority.