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Roads Construction and Design Division

The Roads Design & Construction Division is responsible for the design and delivery of street/road projects throughout the city. The projects include: - large scale infrastructure projects, urban renewal/public realm projects, cycle/walking & public transportation projects etc.


The projects undertaken in 2014 include the following:

  1. Parnell Place Renewal Project: This project reached substantial completion in October 2014 at a cost of approximately €2.5 million. The scheme consisted of new carriageways, footpaths, bus lanes, cycle lanes, traffic signal systems, CCTV cameras, public lighting and enhanced public realm works. The enhanced areas include Parnell Place, Lower Oliver Plunkett St, Merchant’s Quay Andersons Quay and a portion of Brian Boru Street.
  2. Barrack Street Renewal Project Phase 2: From the junction of Reid’s Square to the junction with Noonan Road reached substantial completion in Oct 2014 at a cost of approximately €1 million. The scheme creates a one-way inbound traffic lane with widened footpaths and enhanced public realm consisting of new pavements, public lighting undergrounding of service cables, soft landscaping etc.
  3. Kent Station to City Centre Linkage Project Phase 1: Construction work commenced in September 2014 and is scheduled to be complete in March 2015. The overall project (Phase 1 and Phase 2) is estimated to cost €3.5 million when complete. The scheme provides enhanced carriageways, pavements, bus lanes and cycle lanes between the station and the city centre.
  4. UCC to City Centre Cycle Project: This Project reached substantial completion in August 2014 at a cost of approximately €2.6 million. The project provided new carriageways, footways, traffic signal systems, CCTV cameras in addition to the continuous cycle lanes and bus lanes between UCC and the City Centre. The scheme renewed Washington Street, Western Road, South Main Street, Probys Quay, French’s Quay, Popes Quay and North Mall.
  5. N40 South Ring Road, Sarsfield Road to Bandon Road, Flyover Project: This Project was complete in 2014 and an overall cost of approximately €42 million. The project provides grade separated interchanges at the Sarsfield and Bandon Road roundabouts with associated road network and related work.
  6. Cork City Public Bike Scheme: Sixteen bike stations were constructed and opened for use in December 2014, a further fifteen stations were opened in February 2015.
  7. South East Strategic Corridor Study: The South East Strategic Corridor Study was completed in October 2014. The study identified and recommended investment in eleven roads infrastructure projects between Douglas/Mahon and the City Centre.
  8. Road Resurfacing Programme: Eleven streets/roads were resurfaced as part of the 2014 Road Resurfacing Programme. The work was complete in June 2014 at a cost of €370,000.