GoCar: A car… Without the hassle of owning one!

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GoCar was officially launched by Noel Dempsey TD, Minister for Transport, on 19 September 2008 during European Mobility Week.

What is CarSharing?

CarSharing in urban areas is a cost-effective alternative to owning your own car. It allows people access to a car when they need it, from a place near their home or workplace. The car can be used for short trips lasting as little as an hour or booked for a few days. You only pay for the hours you keep the car and the distance you drive.

CarSharing has been successfully implemented in various European countries such as Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and Britain.  They are known as “car clubs” in Britain and “CarSharing” in continental Europe.

The advantages of CarSharing are numerous:

  • Affordable: a lot cheaper than owning a car as you just pay for the time the car is in use and the distance driven.
  • Easy to use: after registration you just reserve it, jump in the car and drive away.
  • Flexible: reserve a car for as little as an hour, on-line or calling a customer service centre.
  • Planet-friendly: CarSharing globally reduces parking pressure and car use, helping to combat pollution and climate change.
  • Reserved parking: cars are conveniently located in reserved places close to where you live or work.

GoCar: the first Irish CarSharing service

GoCar is operated by Mendes GoCar Limited, a small Irish consultancy specialising in sustainable and accessible local passenger transport operations, research and training, in partnership with cambio Mobility Services, which operates and supports CarSharing in 10 German and 13 Belgian cities and has 20 years experience of CarSharing and with the support of Cork City Council.

The initial GoCar fleet consists of 8 vehicles, 6 Ford Fiestas, 1 Ford Focus and 1 Ford Transit Connect van.  They are available at 3 GoBases (dedicated parking stations) near City Hall (Anglesea Street), near UCC (College View) and by Clark’s Bridge (Wandesford Quay).

Contact us for more information

Noel Tummon, Traffic Division, Cork City Council
Tel: 021 492 4452

LoCall: 1890 446 227