Lift-Sharing: Save Your Wallet and the Planet

Lift-Sharing, also known as car-pooling, car-sharing or ride-sharing – not to be confused with car-sharing clubs (see our related webpage) involves two or more people sharing a lift. One of the people travelling is usually the owner of the vehicle and the other(s) usually make a contribution towards fuel costs.

You can share a car for any journey – be it to and from work, taking the children to school, visiting friends, on a shopping trip or travel to any other event or leisure activities. It can take place either as a regular occurrence or just a one-off journey.

Lift-sharing simply aims to reduce pollution and expenses and by reducing car usage. To make it snappy: save your money as well as the planet!

Benefits of Lift-Sharing

The numerous benefits of lift-sharing for individuals and employees are the following:

  • Cost savings: divide fuel cost and parking charges equally between driver and passenger(s), making the trip cheaper for everyone
  • Relieving traffic jams: Stuck in traffic? Lift-Sharing is one means of vastly reducing the number of single-occupancy vehicles commuting everyday
  • Greener trips: less private vehicles on the road means less car emissions, noise, fossil energy consumption, pressures on the environment… with the result of a better quality of life
  • Low-car lifestyle: for urban dwellers who don’t drive everyday lift-sharing help them to live without owning a private car
  • Sense of community and well-being: lift-sharing can help people get to know neighbours and/or colleagues better
  • Less car parking spaces: employers can make significant reductions in parking provision, often resulting in cost savings for the company

Where to Start As an Individual?

Consider all your trips by car and imagine the ones that could be easily shared with someone else: a family member, a friend or a colleague of work. Giving a call is also always cheaper than a useless car trip!

Register on-line with a lift-sharing website right now! Today a number of Internet-based services exist to facilitate such arrangements. After entering identity and contact details you will be quickly allowed to describe your own trips and identify potential sharers. All the main reputable sites have satisfying security and privacy policies that guarantee a safe service.

Where to Start As an Employer?

By implementing a lift-sharing scheme employers can make significant reductions in parking provision, help with retention and recruitment of staff in areas where public transport is otherwise poor and globally and increase employees’ punctuality and attendance at work – often resulting in important cost savings for the company.

Employers can develop a website in order to facilitate journey matching. Options available are to set up a database / Intranet site or to purchase specialist software. Such a tool may be used both for regular journey sharing between employees and for special corporate events. Smaller companies could link up with larger employers or a local organisation (e.g. Business Park) based in the local area in order to improve the chances of a match. “Ride Home Guarantee” (e.g. by taxi) in the unlikely event of a lift failure increases the successful take-off of the service by staff.

A lift-sharing scheme can also be part of a more ambitious mobility management plan or commuter plan where both “sticks and carrots” transport measures are implemented: improvement of cycling facilities, car parking restrictions, discount bus fares for employees, use of a car-sharing club service, etc.


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