World Class Research Capability

Cork is home to world leading research centres.

Established with a mission to support industry and academia in driving research to market, Cork’s Tyndall National Institute is one of Europe’s leading research centres in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) research and development.

Its core research areas include Photonics, Microsystems, Micro/Nanoelectronics and Theory, Modeling and Design. The largest facility of its type in Ireland, Tyndall has a network of 200 industry partners and customers worldwide.

UCC has a range of other research centres, including the Alimentary Pharmabiotics Centre and Environmental Research Institute. A strong marine cluster is being developed around Cork harbour – the world’s second largest natural harbour. The latest addition to this cluster is the Beaufort Research building which provides the world class infrastructure necessary for renewable energy and maritime research to power the ‘blue economy’. CIT is home to several research centres including NIMBUS which focuses on networked embedded electronic systems.

Cork’s research institutions are actively partnering with many of the existing small and big businesses providing them with access to clever thinkers and innovators to develop new ideas and products.

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