Creative Young Neighbourhoods

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Pictured left to right: Participants in Shandon Studios ceramics workshops and Foróige Mahon Youth Group filming with Frameworks Films photographed 2022. Bishopstown Foróige Youth Group at Triskel Arts Centre photographed by Darragh Kane 2022.


Youth aged 10+ years of age can get involved in Cruinniú na nÓg by partnering with professional creatives. In 2023, Creative Young Neighbourhoods Awards of up to €2000 are available to fund creative activities.

Creative Young Neighbourhoods is an initiative of Cork City Council supported by Creative Ireland Groups that advocates the voice of young people by supporting members of youth groups to play an active role in their creative experiences.  An aim of Creative Young Neighbourhoods is to build on the annual occasion of Cruinniú na nÓg to inform policy and practice in the area of youth creativity throughout the year.

For a deeper insight into the potential of Creative Young Neighbourhoods for young people you work with through examples of previously funded projects, check out the recording of a webinar hosted in May 2023 below.


An application for Creative Young Neighbourhoods funding can be made via a simple Expression of Interest Form available here until the closing date at 12pm on 6th July 2023. As well as contact information, applicants should expect to provide the following details:

  • who the young group and creatives are;
  • how they will get to know each other;
  • how they will come up with an idea for creative activities to do together;

Below is a Step by Step Video Tutorial on submitting your Expression of Interest for Creative Young Neighbourhoods.


Awards will be announced in mid July. It is envisioned that the initial activities will focus on creatives and youth getting to know one another and coming up with a project together. The input of the young people in the development of the creative concept and the plan to realise it is crucial. This plan should be shared with Cork City Council by noon on 7th November 2023. It is hoped that outcomes will be shared as part of Cruinniú na nÓg Cork city on 8th June 2024.

For more information on eligibility, conditions and criteria, read the FAQ below or sign up to the funding webinar via Eventbrite here.  



Creative Young Neighbourhoods FAQ

Q1. Who is eligible for a Creative Young Neighbourhoods Award?

Eligible creatives are individual professional arts and cultural workers, arts organisations and cultural institutions that are interested in collaborating with groups of youth aged 10+ in a hands-on way in creative activities.

Eligible groups of youth include members of youth services and voluntary youth initiatives based in the city. These groups must be supported by at least one responsible adult such as a youth worker who will be present at all times throughout the creative process to provide for the social and developmental needs of the young participants. 

Please note that schools are not eligible for this opportunity. 


Q2. What kind of activities are eligible for Creative Young Neighbourhoods?

Any activity that brings creativity to the neighbourhood of the participating youth group and/or connects youth groups to creative resources in Cork city centre or neighbourhoods is eligible. 

 For an idea of what kind of projects might emerge from this opportunity, read the 'Past Projects' section below.


Q3. Can an existing project be extended to new youth groups?

An existing project extended to new youth groups is not eligible unless a) there is a clear statement of interest from the youth group in question to be involved in the project and b) it is demonstrated how those young people will shape their experience of the activities to produce outcomes that are not generic but specific to their group members, providing evidence of their creative input.



Q4. How will Creative Young Neighbourhoods Expressions of Interest be assessed?

Expressions of Interest will be assessed according to how well the conditions of the award are met based on responses to questions in the form regarding 'Who', 'Why', 'How' 'When' and 'Where' as well as their creative potential.

*Expressions of Interest should reflect at least two of the 5 Priorities of Cork City Council's Creativity and Culture Strategy which can be found here



Q5. What are eligible expenses for Creative Young Neighbourhoods?

  • Contracted Creative Practitioner/Facilitator Fees
  • Equipment and Materials Purchase/Hire
  • Project-related Travel and Subsistence Expenses
  • Dissemination Expenses e.g. exhibition mounting, printing etc


Contact Cork City Arts Office if you have any questions with regard to eligible costs.



Q6. What conditions are relevant to Creative Young Neighbourhoods?

Applicants must assure the following, providing evidence where relevant:

  • Activities are not already funded by Creative Ireland through Cork City Council;
  • Garda Vetting of personnel will be managed in an appropriate and timely way;
  • An up-to-date Child Safeguarding Policy will be adhered to;
  • Parental/guardian consent for participation and documentation by and of young people will be well managed;



Past Projects

Shandon-Studio-CYN Mahon-CYN BTwn-CYN

Pictured left to right: Participants in Shandon Studios ceramics workshops and Foróige Mahon Youth Group filming with Frameworks Films photographed 2022. Bishopstown Foróige Youth Group at Triskel Arts Centre photographed by Darragh Kane 2022.



In 2022, the following Creative Young Neighbourhoods projects took place:

Foróige Bishopstown Youth Project toured Triskel Christchurch Arts Centre and met with Cork Traveller Women's Network as part of Cruinniú na nÓg Cork city 2022, then attended Traveller Pride Family Day in a local park in July, producing a video sharing their insights to Traveller Culture. They worked with Summer Camp tutors to explore creative themes together that were showcased in Triskel Christchurch Arts Centre on Culture Night 2022.

Foróige Mahon Youth Project enjoyed a hands on introductory film taster using cameras facilitated by Frameworks Films as part of Cruinniú na nÓg Cork city 2022. They then worked together to produce a narrative-based music video.

The members of CDYS Up Cork LGBTQ Youth Project met multi-disciplinary artist Andrea Williams who has exhibited and performed at St Peters previously. They co-created a movement-based performance for presentation at the 2023 Anti-Racism Summit hosted by Cork Migrant Centre and Cork Traveller Visibility Group in May 2023.

Shandon Art Studios trialled a ceramics workshop for Cruinniú na nÓg 2022 that inspired an Autumn workshop series for 5-14 year old Ukrainian refugee participants living in a local emergency accommodation centre.