Tartu - Partner City

Tartu - Partner City

Tartu is the 2nd biggest city in Estonia with nearly 100 000 inhabitants. The city has a unique innovation and business environment with strong cooperation between universities, public sector and enterprises.

Also, Tartu is the Cultural Capital of Europe 2024!


Workshop, August 25th, 2021

Hosted by Tartu City Council, Estonia - brought European perspective into play, focused on boosting learning between social economy stakeholders in the three regions and supporting the fostering of a wider inter-regional social economy community. 

Case studies

1. Triumf Health https://www.triumf.health/

Triumf Health has created a mobile health game for children’s wellbeing. Triumf Health offers children an informative, yet fun journey to empower them with skills and knowledge to help them develop. They have started from chronic illnesses and the mental burden related to disease management. Now, the platform is expanded to respond to the coronavirus pandemic related environmental stress that has became chronic. They have done reasearch collaboration with Tartu University Hospital, University of Tartu and cooperating with the local government to pilot their product in the schools of Tartu. Visit Triumf Health for further information.

2. Fudler https://fudler.ee/home

Fudler is a platform, where you can buy restaurants' unsold but tasty food for a cheaper price.

Fudler is on a mission to help reduce food waste. Over 20 mln euros worth of food gets wasted in Estonian restaurants and cafes every year. A large amount of this food is however both high-quality and delicious. Fudler's goal is to find buyers for this kind of food that would otherwise be thrown out.

You can discover more about Fudler on the Fudler website, Facebook or by email.

3. Köömen https://koomen.ee/

Köömen offers authentic ethnic cuisine to the local food scene, made by refugees and migrants who have resettled in Estonia. We offer catering, take-away and cooking workshops - both for companies, as well as individuals. All the activities and food are made by refugees and migrants - according to their own family recipes. Our goals is to help refugees and migrants utilize their skills and enter the labor market. We do so by providing on the job language training, cultural orientation and work experience - all while delivering delicious meals to the local market. You can discover more about Köömen by visiting the Köömen website, Instagram, Facebook or by email.