Air Quality in Cork virtual public talk and Q&A


20th September 2021

Researchers from Cork City Council and University College Cork will hold a free online public talk and Q&A on Cork’s air quality on 15th October, as part of UCC Community Week 2021.

Participants will learn about the local sources & hazards of air pollution, how to track Cork's air quality in real-time, and the UCC projects that are focused on better understanding and protecting our air quality.

In particular, the talk will showcase a new Cork Air Quality Dashboard, which launched in 2021. This is the result of a partnership between the CRAC Lab, UCC and Cork City Council.

A free 30 minute talk will be followed by a Q&A session with the following panellists.


  • Professor John Wenger, Atmospheric Chemist, UCC;
  • Dr Stig Hellebust, Atmospheric Chemist, UCC;
  • Dr Marica Cassarino, Environmental Psychologist, UCC;
  • Dr Dean Venables, Atmospheric Chemist, UCC;
  • Dr Kevin Ryan, Executive Scientist, Cork City Council;
  • Dr Tamela Maciel, Project Manager for the RADICAL project, UCC Academy (Host).


This event is part of UCC Community Week 2021. During Community Week, staff and students across the university come together with community and public sector partners to host community focussed events and activities. The week-long programme of events celebrates UCC as a civically engaged university.


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