Disability Access Certificates

A Disability Access Certificate is required for new buildings other than dwellings (including apartment buildings) and certain other works (as set out in Article 20D (1) of S.I. 351 of 2009) to which the Requirements of Part M of the Building Regulations apply and which commence or take place on or after 1 January 2010.


Disability Access Certificate Application Process

In accordance with Article 20D of the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2009 an application for a disability access certificate shall be accompanied by:

1. Drawings including a site or layout plan, in duplicate, suitably marked, noted, highlighted (e.g. coloured, toned or other), and such other particulars, e.g. a report as are necessary to:

(a) Identify and describe the works or building to which the application relates.

(b) Demonstrate how the building or works comply with the requirements of Part M of the Building Regulations, in particular in relation to the following, where applicable:

  • Approach to a building 
  • Access to a building 
  • Circulation within a building 
  • Use of facilities within a building 
  • Bedrooms in hotels and other guest accommodations 
  • Sanitary conveniences 
  • Audience or spectator facilities 
  • Apartments in a building 

Sufficient information should be provided to enable the Building Control Authority to assess whether the works or building would, if constructed in accordance with the said plans and other particulars, comply with the requirements of Part M of the Building Regulations.

2. Completed application form (find at end of page).

3. Appropriate application fee.

Revised Disability Access Certificate Application

A Revised Disability Access Certificate shall be required where significant revision is made to the design or works of a building or an extension of, a material alteration to or a material change of use of a building in respect of which a disability access certificate has been granted by a Building Control Authority.

Fees & Exemptions

 Cost of Disability/Revised Access Certificate

Subject to the limited exemptions below, the fee for a Disability/Revised Access Certificate shall be €800 per building, or €500 per building where the application is made prior to commencement and coincides with an application for a Fire Safety Certificate, where relevant.​

Fee Exemptions

Development works by certain organisations are exempt from paying DAC application fees. For example:

  • Certain classes of voluntary organisations; 
  • Not for profit accommodation of homeless persons​;
  • A primary school, where the maximum number of mainstream teachers employed is or will be 4 or less
    Full details are listed in Section 22 of the Building Regulations 1997 - 2013.

Where a Fee Exemption is being claimed, a completed Fee Exemption Form must be submitted with the associated application.  

See explanatory document 'Fee Exemptions', and 'Fee Exemption Application Form' in the supporting documents below.

Disability Access Certficate Assessment

The assessment of Disability Access Certificate and Revised Disability Access Certificate applications is a core function of the Building Control Department. This process consists of a detailed technical appraisal, by a Building Control Officer, of a proposed building design or proposed change of use against Technical Guidance Document M 2010 of the Building Regulations or an approved equivalent standard. The process may also involve pre-project consultation, liaison with consultants and building inspections.

Pre-application meetings to discuss the project with a Building Inspector are available by appointment. 

Contact Details

Applications should be sent to:

Cork City Council,
Building Control Department,
Floor 2, Central Fire Station,
Anglesea Street,
Cork. T12 DK52