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(Above) CPM curator, Daniel Breen. Standing next to part of the Conlon/Cumann Na mBan collection. Approx. 5,000 items and documents relating to the Conlon sisters activities in the organisation.


Cork Public Museum actively seeks acquisitions that are of interest to Cork and relate to Cork's rich and varied historical heritage.

Please consult the museum's collection policy for further information on what we do and do not collect, or alternatively you can check out our 'Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQ) below at the end of the page.

If you are interested in donating to to the museum please contact us at to arrange an appointment with the curator or another member of the curatorial staff to view, assess and hopefully complete the transfer of your material to the museum's permanent collection.

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You can view  Cork Public Museums Collections Policy here.

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(Above) Silver trowel used to lay the foundation stone of the Custom House, Lapp's Quay, 1814.

(Right) Colm Murphy donating the bicycle belonging to his uncle Joseph Higgins to former museum curator, Stella Cherry, 2012. 


FAQ Frequentely Asked Questions??

I’d like to make a donation to the Museum; how do I do this?

The simplest way is to contact the Museum directly either by phone (021- 4270679), via email at or simply writing to us at Cork Public Museum, Fitzgerald Park, Mardyke Walk, Cork City T12 V0AA. Generally, we arrange a meeting to discuss what items you are looking to donate to the Museum, this can take place in the Museum itself or at your home. This varies depending on the size, nature and number of the items involved.


What type of items are you interested in?

You’d be surprised! Our collection policy covers the history of the county – and that includes its industrial, social, sporting, political, military and cultural history. We are interested in receiving material related to historical events, people or groups connected to Cork’s fascinating and varied past, as well as the material heritage of the ordinary people who lived through this history.

If you are unsure whether your donation is suitable, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer any query you may have.

Further information on the type of material we accept can be found here in our Collections Policy.


Will all donations be accepted?

No. Before the museum accepts any donation, it is important that all items are inspected and accessed to see if they meet the criteria laid out in our Collections Policy.

Donations will not be accepted if an item, for example, is too damaged or beyond conservation; too large and unsuitable for our storerooms or display; or the item relates to a subject matter not collected by the museum such as the natural sciences – (geology, zoology etc)

Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis and any final decision rests with the Museum Curator.

The museum will also recommend other institutions or archives where your donation may be better suited to.


What happens when the museum accepts the donation?

There are two forms that need to be signed by any donor. These are an Object Entry Form and a Transfer of Title form that record the donation and transfers legal ownership of the material to the museum. Both the museum and the donor will retain copies of these forms.

It would also be very useful to bring any background information on the history and provenance that you may have about your donation with you at the handover. These details will be added to the donation’s record in the museum’s catalogue. This information will help museum staff and any possible researchers to better understand and utilise your donation.


Will I receive money from my donation?

No. The museum is not able to pay for donations. The museum has purchased material from public auctions and private collectors, but this is on done in exceptional circumstances.


Can you give me a valuation for one of my own objects?

It is museum policy not to give valuations. If this is what you require, we recommend speaking to an auctioneer.


What happens after the donation is completed?

All items undergo an initial inspection and are cleaned. This is to maintain the item's physical condition as well as preventing the possibility of cross-contamination. The item may then be held in storage or be readied for exhibition.


Will my collection be placed on public display immediately?

We cannot guarantee that your object will be exhibited. CPM has over 50,000 items in our collection and only a fraction of this amount is put on exhibition. However, we make all donations available for research and study.


What happens when a collection is donated to the Museum?

The collection is recorded, cleaned and conserved. If and when it is used in an exhibition it is prepared for that purpose. Documents or other paper material is digitised and made available on our website for research.


How will my contribution by remembered?

Collections are usually named after the original owner e.g. the Conlon Collection, Rutter Album, MacSwiney/Brugha Collection etc.., thus ensuring that the donor’s generosity is remembered for years to come.


How will my collection be used?

Items can be used in any one of three ways. These include but not limited to:

· Exhibitions/Public Events

· Research

· Digitisation – used on the resources page of our website or on our social media channels

· Publication – Print and on film


Want further information relation to a potential donation?

Please contact us at: 

Please do not bring objects to the museums without first making an appointment with the curator.



Tel: 021-427 0679


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