Opening Hours

***Dear Friends. It is with a heavy heart that we have to inform you that Cork Public Museum has had to close it doors today Tue 6th October 2020.
Due to the new governmental guidelines on the spread of Covid-19. We have closed for 3 weeks, but hope to be back on Weds 28th of October 2020
We will keep you informed of any updates, as they come in
-The Cork Public Museum Team (6th Oct 2020)




Opening Times:
Mon: 12-4pm
Tue to Fri: 10am-4pm.
* Because of Covid-19 restrictions, these times have been amended from the regular opening hours.




We display this Safety Charter as evidence of our on-going commitment to prevent the spread of COVID-19
This is to certify that Cork Public Museum has undergone relevant COVID-19 hygiene and safety training, has implemented and undertakes to maintain compliance with the Operational Guidelines for Re-opening and all other relevant government public health advice and has agreed to be subject to assessment at any time