Old Cork Waterworks Experience

Address:Lee Road

Open 11am to 4pm

The award winning Old Cork Waterworks Experience is located on Lee Road on the north bank of the river in the western suburbs adjacent to the City Centre. Situated on the site of the Old Cork Waterworks, the four accessible buildings surrounding a cobbled courtyard overlooking the river date to Sir John Benson’s 19th Century Cork City water supply scheme, although water was extracted from the area as far back as the 1760’s.

The highly significant group of buildings were conserved and adapted to provide a new role as Old Cork Waterworks Experience through careful repair based on detailed specifications for conservation, sympathetic design of all new elements and careful experienced conservation contractors under the eye of Jack Coughlan Architects. The restoration began in August 2004 and Old Cork Waterworks Experience opened to the public in February 2006.

Old Cork Waterworks will offer a guided tour at 10.30am and 12pm. Booking essential on