Building Regulations

The aim of the Building Regulations is to provide for the safety and welfare of people in and about buildings.  The Building Regulations set out the technical requirements for the design and construction of building works.


The minimum performance requirements that a building must achieve are set out in the second schedule to the Building Regulations.  These requirements are set out in 12 parts (classified as Parts A to M).


Under current legislation, the building control authority has discretionary powers.

These include the following:

  • The right to inspect works to which the Building Regulations apply
  • The right to request information relating to works to which Building Regulations apply
  • Power of enforcement in relation to non-compliance with the Building Regulations
  • Power to prosecute for non-compliance, either by summary or High Court proceedings

It should be noted that the power of inspection granted to Building Control Authorities under the legislation is discretionary, and does not impose an obligation to inspect.

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