New Bus Network


From 26 November 2023, new 24 hour bus lanes will be in operation on Coburg Street, Bridge Street and Cathedral Walk. This will improve bus journey times and allow for two way bus movements on these streets making it easier to access local schools and businesses by bus.  

New Bus Routes – 203, 215 & 248 

The southbound routes for the 203, 215 and 248 will travel from the N20 to Leitrim Street and onto the new sheltered bus stop on Coburg Street. 

They will then turn right onto Bridge Street, continue onto St. Patrick’s Bridge and then onto St. Patrick’s Street for the 203 and 215 and the Bus Station for the 248. 

The northbound routes will travel from St Patrick’s Bridge, onto Bridge Street, turn left onto Coburg Street.

 A new sheltered bus stop has been provided on Coburg Street for these services.

 The bus will continue onto Devonshire Street, turning right onto the N20. 

A new contraflow bus lane has been provided on Cathedral Walk to facilitate access for the 203 and 215 to Watercourse Road.


New Bus Routes – 207, 208 & 209 

The southbound routes will travel from Summerhill North and turn right onto MacCurtain Street and stop at the new westbound bus stop opposite York Street.

 They will continue westbound on MacCurtain Street and then turn left onto the new contraflow bus lane on Bridge Street, stopping at the new bus stop on Bridge Street. 

They will then continue onto St Patrick’s Bridge and then onto St Patrick’s Street. 

The northbound Buses will travel from St. Patrick’s Street onto St. Patrick’s Bridge then onto Bridge Street and stop at the new bus stop on Bridge Street. 

They will continue onto MacCurtain Street and travel eastbound to the new stop on MacCurtain Street beside York Street. 

As before the 207, 207A, 208 and 209 will continue onto Summerhill North, the 214 onto the Lower Glanmire Road, and the 205 and 212 onto Alfred Street.


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