River Basin Management

River Basin Management Planning (RBMP) takes an integrated approach to the protection, improvement and sustainable management of the water environment.

In April 2018, the Government published the RBMP for Ireland 2018-2021.

The RBMP outlines the new approach that Ireland will take to protect our waters over the period to 2021.

The RBMP is underpinned by a strong evidence base from the work of the EPA, Inland Fisheries Ireland and local authorities in assessing the status of water quality in individual water bodies.

The process of developing this RBMP involved extensive input from public bodies working with water and opportunities for public and stakeholder involvement.

Using this information, the Plan outlines national policies and regional prioritised measures.

Water quality improvements will deliver multiple benefits for human health, wildlife and local economies.

Further information on the RBMP can be found here:

Dept. of Housing, Planning and Local Government - River Basin Management Plan 2018-2021.

Further information about water quality can be found here: