The Metropole Hotel

Address:MacCurtain Street

Open 10am to 5pm

The Metropole Hotel Cork was opened in 1897 and was owned by Cash and Carry Group Merchants Musgraves. The property was designed by architect, Arthur Hill and built by John Delaney & Co Builders and is currently celebrating over 122 years of exceptional hospitality in Cork. It was built to the highest standards and opulence of the day. The hotel was known locally to Corkonians as the “Met” and most of the guests at that time were travelling salesmen.

When it was originally opened in 1897, the hotel occupied the upper floors of the premises, with the ground floor and basement being retail units that were let out. There were four shops two on each side of the main entrance. One of the most iconic of these units was ‘Hadji Bey Et Cie’, one of Cork’s most famous sweet shops, that specialised in Turkish Delights. It quickly became a Cork institution and Hadji Bey products became very successful and much sought after all over Ireland.

Today the hotel is proudly curated and managed by Trigon Hotels where a multi-million refurbishment took place during 2018 of all hotel bedrooms, the new MET Bar, Restaurant and Tea Room.

Guided Tours of the historic Metropole Hotel will take place at 10am, 12noon and 3pm on Cork Heritage Open Day. Booking required on Metropole Hotel Tour