Switching Off and Being Creative


There may be restrictions in place, but you can still maintain social contact and keep your mind engaged and creative juices flowing, just in a different way.  Cork City is full of groups that can help you do that from your own home.  Take a look at what they have to offer here.

 Happy Talk Speech and Language Programme

Happy Talk logoCork Kerry Community Healthcare

Dearest Lovely Happy Talkers,

Welcome to the Happy Talk Calendar 2021!  Have you been missing the Happy Talk Calendar? Because we know we have! Currently we are unable to print and share a Happy Talk Calendar. Instead, we will be sending you the Happy Talk Calendar 2021 as a monthly newsletter with lots of ideas and fun games to play. Please click here to see the ‘January 2021 Happy Talk Calendar Newsletter’ .

Every year the Happy Talk Calendar helps us all remember how to build great communication skills! It reminds us to listen, to wait, to pay attention and to take a Mindful Moment to build these skills. It reminds us to play and sing, laugh and chat, and to be the best Happy Talkers we can be! As always we are delighted for you to post, email, print and share this resource as widely as you wish. The more Happy Talkers we connect with, the better!

We hope you enjoy it! Warmest wishes and best regards,

Aoife, Nibbles and Twitch!

For lots of best practice ideas and fun educational games and activities you can do with your child be sure to visit our Resources webpage.

In response to the current situation Happy Talk Speech and Language Programme, which is supported by Cork City Council, have teamed up with UCC Speech and Language Therapy Department to develop and share language resource packs with communities, schools and family support services. These packs will contain games and activities to promote language, early literacy and learning. They are full of fun and easy to follow activities. The weekly packs are aimed at 4 to 8 year olds and are distributed to all Happy Talk sites across Cork and Kerry as well as by the Community Team in Cork City Council reaching all 16 Community Response Areas in the City.

You can see these packs on their Facebook page or download some of them here:

Happy-Talk-Summertime-Pack-(4---8-years).pdf (size 3 MB)

Happy-Talk-Monster-Pack-(4---8-Years).pdf (size 2 MB)

Happy-Talk-Insects-Pack-(4---8-Years).pdf (size 2.1 MB)

Cork City Arts Office


Cork City Council's Arts Office undertakes and supports the following programmes and initiatives:

Social media updates on and promotion of:

  • Supports for arts sector workers;
  • Online creative wellbeing activities facilitated though arts-based methods by artists and arts organisations and institutions.
  • #DistanceCreates online programme for u18’s living with long term health conditions by Helium Arts

 Cork City of Sanctuary 


Community Arts Coordinator in Cork City Council Arts Office is a member of the Executive Council of Cork City of Sanctuary.

  • Residents Forum (proposed) – consultative process to improve communications with residents in Direct Provision
  • Sanctuary Mask Initiative – mask stitching project for use of people living in Direct Provision without access to PPE
  • Laptops for Lockdown – providing laptops to people living in Direct Provision to access information, resources and communicate.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CorkCityofSanctuary/