Environmental Awareness

  • Mini-Boa-3

    Cork Mini-Boat Atlantic Adventure

    In September 2021, the Cork Mini-Boat continued its Atlantic adventure, teaching children in Cork and the US about oceans, currents, and more.

  • ReVive-Paint2

    ReVive Paint

    Revive Paint is high-quality, leftover, water-based paint that is being revived instead of being dumped or incinerated.

  • Green Schools

    Cork City Green Schools

    Green Schools is a long-term programme that seeks to make environmental awareness and action an intrinsic part of the life of a school.

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    Waste Prevention Grant Scheme

    This scheme supports Cork city groups to implement waste prevention, re-use and repair activities in their local community.

  • Tidy-Towns

    Tidy Towns Competition

    An annual contest organised by the Department of Rural and Community Development to generate interest in the environment in communities throughout Ireland.

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    Community Environment Action Fund

    A fund for sustainable development projects in Cork city, supports communities and groups.