Business FAQs

Small Businesses

What does this boundary change mean for a small business in dealing with the LEOs?

If you are a business that is based in the County area moving into the City, then from May 31st 2019,  your future dealings around grant supports or other supports including mentoring or training will be with the LEO Cork City at 021 4961828 or or www. 

If I am in the transfer area and I currently have a grant award from LEO South Cork that is not yet fully drawn down, how will I be affected?

You will continue to deal with LEO South Cork until such time as your grant payment has been completed. Any refundable element of your grant will be repayable to LEO South Cork over the period set out in your contract. However, during this period, should you make a further application for LEO grant support or seek soft supports, such as mentoring or training, you will make these applications to LEO Cork City at or at 021 4961828

Where will my records be maintained following the boundary change?

If you are a client of LEO South Cork, and you are in the affected boundary change area, any physical records of grant support etc will remain with LEO South Cork until the closure of the funding programmes under which you received support. However, any LEO South Cork client that is within the affected boundary area will have a digital summary file of their dealings with LEO South Cork transferred to LEO Cork City. LEO Cork City will also have an option to access any hard copy material retained on file by LEO South Cork should it become necessary if you make future grant applications to LEO Cork City after the boundary change.

If I am looking to make a grant application in the time leading up to the boundary change and I am in the transfer area to whom should I make my application?

It has been agreed with LEO Cork City that from 1 April 2019 any new applications that are to be made for grant support from any business within the affected area should be made to LEO Cork City. This will ensure that any applications still in process at the date of boundary change will not then subsequently be affected by having to transfer from one LEO office to another for a decision.