Citywide information campaign on Waste Presentation Bye–Laws to begin

Blue Bins

8th July 2021

In the coming days, households and businesses across Cork City will receive an information leaflet about Cork City Council's Waste Presentation Bye-Laws, reminding them of their responsibilities when it comes to the segregation and presentation of waste for collection.

Following public consultation, Cork City Council adopted and made the Cork City Council’s bye-laws for the segregation, storage and presentation of household and commercial waste in 2019. The aims of these bye-laws are to ensure that all citizens dispose of their waste by using an authorised waste contractor, by taking it to an authorised waste facility or by sharing bins by agreement. The bye-law also set out the obligation on household and businesses to properly present their waste for collection and to properly segregate their waste at source and provides for the issuing of Fixed Payment Notices for breaches of the bye-laws.

The emphasis of this campaign is to reinforce/remind residents and businesses of their responsibilities.  David Joyce, Director of Operations (Roads and Environment) said: "This is a follow up to the significant public engagement campaign that was undertaken when the bye-laws were enacted. The new bye-laws have now been in operation for 2 years and so it is an opportune time to re-engage with communities and Cork City Council asks all citizens, households and businesses to familiarise themselves with the contents of the leaflet as it is only by working in partnership together that we can create a cleaner Cork for us all to enjoy."