High Astronomical Spring Tides Notice.


Cork City Council wishes to advise that there will be a period of very high astronomical Spring Tides continuing from this evening (Monday), lasting until Wednesday evening.  In addition, there is a tidal surge also forecast to occur during this time. These factors combined will result in tide levels higher than the natural tide levels.


The natural cycle of High Tides for the following days is predicted for:




Morning High Tide

Evening High Tide


















During each of the high tides listed above Cork City Centre will experience flooding of the roads across the low-lying city quays.


In addition to the above, there is a risk of tidal flooding in the City Centre due to the 6.50am tide on Tuesday morning and the 7.32am tide on Wednesday morning.   These high tides will be the highest tides of the next few days and have the potential to affect properties on the low-lying quays.


Cork City Council would advise Householders and Businesses to take Precautionary Measures to protect their property during the high tidal events e.g. erect their tidal barriers Monday & Tuesday evening and leave them in place overnight. 


Flooding will likely occur in the low-lying areas of the City Centre that might affect properties on the following streets:

  • Morrison’s Quay
  • Fr. Mathew Quay
  • Fr. Mathew Street
  • Union Quay
  • Trinity Bridge
  • South Terrace
  • Rutland Street
  • Sawmill Street
  • Crosses Green
  • Sharman Crawford St
  • Wandesford Quay
  • South Mall (particularly the southern side)


In addition to the above streets, road flooding will also likely occur on Tuesday & Wednesday mornings on the following streets:

  • Kyrls Quay 
  • Lavitts Quay
  • Lapps Quay
  • Proby’s Quay
  • French’s Quay
  • Sullivan’s Quay


The situation will continue to be monitored and further advice will be issued if the situation changes.  Cork City Council will be posting regular updates to our Twitter (@corkcitycouncil) account as well as the City Council’s Public Alert System (MapAlerter).


Traffic Impact:

Cork City Council may be required to close Sharmon Crawford Street and Wandsford Quay to traffic from 6.30 am on Tuesday morning and opening both to traffic again at approximately 7.30am. Similarly, this street may need to be closed again on Wednesday morning from 7.15 am to approximately 8.00 am. 


It is not envisaged that any other road closures will be required but we would advise motorists to drive with extra care and attention on Tuesday & Wednesday mornings between 6.15 am and approximately 8.15 am as it is likely that many of the roads listed above will have surface water on them.   Please avoid driving on flooded streets (as the creation of waves and wash from moving vehicles can cause flooding in properties adjacent to the flooded road) and take alternative routes along unflooded roads instead.


Motorists are advised not to park in any of the areas listed above overnight.