Cork City Council has an excellent publication record and to date has produced five books on the archaeology of the city based on the results of numerous excavations.

  • Excavations at the Dominican Priory St Mary’s of the Isle, Cork (1995) by M.F. Hurley and C.M. Sheehan (Editor: R.M. Cleary)
  • Excavations at the North Gate Cork 1994 (1997) by M.F. Hurley (Editor: R.M. Cleary)
  • Skiddy’s Castle and Christ Church Cork - Excavations 1974-77 by D.C. Twohig (1997) Editors: R.M. Cleary, M.F. Hurley and E. Shee Twohig
  • Excavations in Cork City 1984-2000 (2003) Editors: R.M. Cleary and M.F. Hurley
  • Archaeological Excavations at South Main Street Cork 2003-2005 (2014) Editors: M.F. Hurley and C. Brett

In addition to these publications the City Council has also produced a number of historical books.

  • The Laneways of Medieval Cork by G. Johnson (2002)
    The medieval lanes of North Main Street were identified and demarcated as part of the refurbishment of the historic core of Cork. This study was undertaken to identify their positions, names and associations. Archaeological, cartographic and historic research was combined to create an understanding of the current form of the old city.
  • A Guide to Cork City’s Historic Plaques and Signs (2006)
    In 2002 Cork City Council undertook a study of the historic plaques in the city. A Guide to Cork City’s Historic Plaques and Signs highlights a selection of the plaques that were recorded in the study.
  • Old Blackpool: An Historic Cork Suburb (2006) Editors: M.F. Hurley, G. Johnson and C. Brett
  • Cork City’s Burial Places (2011)     Research by H. Kelleher and F. McCarthy (Editor: C. Brett)
    This book examines the origins and development of burial grounds in the city. They vary from churchyards, churches containing vaults, private burial grounds of religious houses and the military, stray find spots of skeletal remains large modern cemeteries.