ReLove Paint

Householders in Cork have traditionally brought their leftover paint to local Civic Amenity Sites for disposal. Now, in a move towards a circular economy, leftover, water-based paint is being revived instead of being dumped or incinerated. It is being diverted to one of two social enterprises in Cork city and county: The Northside Community Enterprise (NCE) in Farranferris and Cycle Sense based in Skibbereen take the paint and filter, remix, recolour and repackage it to sell at reduced rates in the local community.

This unique collaboration between Cork City and County Councils provides affordable, high-quality paint in a great range of colours for reuse in the local community. Not only will the project benefit the environment, it will also deliver economically in terms of job creation and reduced costs for the community groups and individuals who use the paint.

The pilot project is funded by the EPA’s Local Authority Prevention Network (LAPN) programme and is managed by Cork City and County Councils’ Environmental Awareness Officers. It involves the City Council’s Civic Amenity Site at Kinsale Road and three of Cork County’s Civic Amenity sites: two in West Cork, at Derryconnell and Clonakilty, and one in East Cork, at Raffeen.

 Find out more about donating leftover paint or buying ReLove Paint in Cork City at ReLove Paint NCE and in County Cork at ReLove Paint.