Noise Complaints

Domestic Nuisance Noise Complaints

Domestic and Neighbourhood Noise are a matter to be resolved between the parties concerned. There are currently no statutory “neighbourhood” noise limits in the Republic of Ireland. Limits set out in Health & Safety Legislation apply to the workplace only. If the issue cannot be resolved satisfactorily between the parties then a member of the public is entitled to instigate Court Proceedings under Section 108 of The Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992. This can be done through the District Court, Anglesea Street, Cork. 

A small application fee of €22 is payable to the court. Anyone taking such a case must state in evidence the times the noise is occurring, the duration of the noise and the detrimental effect it is having, i.e. interrupting sleep or work.

Noise from Bars & Nightclubs

On receipt of a complaint of noise allegedly emanating from a Bar or Nightclub, Cork City Council may write to the premises requesting that noise levels be reduced. However, as with domestic noise complaints, a member of the public is entitled to pursue a case through the District Court against a premises they allege is creating nuisance noise.

Noise from Alarms

Cork City Council does not maintain records of key holder contact details or security codes for alarm systems and staff are not empowered to:

  • Enter any property to disable an activated intruder alarm.
  • Isolate any electrical supply to an activated intruder alarm.
  • Release ownership, occupancy or any other details in respect of a property.

It is the property owners and occupiers responsibility to ensure that:

  • Alarm systems are maintained serviceable
  • Appropriate response mechanisms are in place in the event of activation

Alarms fitted since September 2003 are required, by European Standard EN51031, to sound for at least 90 seconds and no more than 15 minutes. However this does not apply retrospectively to alarms fitted before that date.

Noise from Barking Dogs

Noise from barking dogs is dealt with under the Control of Dogs Act 1986. Any complaints should be directed to the Dog Warden on 021-4515534.

Aircraft Noise

The Irish Aviation Authority is responsible for dealing with noise from aircrafts.