Regional Plans

Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy

The Southern Regional Assembly (SRA) is responsible for the preparation of the Regional, Spatial and Economic Strategy (RSES) for the Southern Region. The RSES is subordinate to the National Planning Framework, and sets a regional context for the City Development Plan and the Local Economic and Community Plan, (LECP). The RSES was published on 31st January 2020.

The RSES includes the Cork Metropolitan Area Strategic Plan (MASP), which is a high level and long term strategic vision and which identifies critical priorities for the sequencing and delivery of growth of the City and the wider metropolitan area.

 Cork Area Strategic Plan 2001 - 2020

The Cork Area Strategic Plan (CASP) is a non-statutory strategic planning document prepared by Cork City Council and Cork County Council. It sets out key goals for the Cork Metropolitan Area to provide a strategy for significant enhancement in economic growth and accommodate population growth in the region. The 2001 strategy was updated in 2008 and can be viewed below.

  CASP Update 2008.pdf (size 3.4 MB)