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Please note: The Road Licensing Forms referenced on this page are provided by a third-party,, contracted by Cork City Council to process online submissions.  You will be presented with the privacy policy and terms and conditions if you choose to use the service.

The Road Licencing Forms listed below are available as online applications.

Important Information

It is advisable to read the information and guidelines pertaining to the licence/permit you are interested in prior to making an application, especially in relation to time-frames, essential documentation and charges.

  • Online applications require a one-time registration on the platform and you can use these login details for all future online applications with Cork City Council on It is important that you use an active email that is checked regularly for correspondence when registering.
  • Certain applications will need to be accompanied by an administration charge, payable by credit or debit card. Other applications will have a second phase to which a user is invited to make the necessary payment, either online or by cheque/bank draft (depending on the type/amount of payment due). You will be advised of the process by email after the initial application has been successfully submitted. 
  • All questions must be answered and all required documentation uploaded in order to complete the application. Submitted applications will only be processed when they are completed in full. Draft applications will not be followed up on. If you fail to complete any part of the application before submitting or closing your browser window, you will receive an email informing you that you have a draft application on the system, which you will need to revisit and complete.  When you successfully complete an application, you will receive an email confirming this.
  • As a final step in most applications, you will be asked to supply a digital signature by typing your name into a text field. You will then receive an email asking you to verify this signature through clicking on a link in the email. You must complete this step to ensure that your application is processed.
  • It is important to note, that the individual registering on the platform to make the application will be required to sign any declarations involved and this person must be named on the accompanying insurance policy.
Application for a Street Furniture Licence

This license must be renewed annually. If a licence is granted, this licence will only remain in effect for one calendar year from the 1st. of January to the 31st. of December of that year and will only run in conjunction with insurance policy dates provided.

Application for a Temporary Road Closure

Applications shall be made a minimum of four weeks prior to the proposed closure date to allow for processing of applications and advertising. Applications not adhering to this stipulation will be rejected on that basis.

Abnormal Load Permit Application

This application must be submitted to Cork City Council a minimum of five working days in advance of the planned transport of an Abnormal Load. Applications not adhering to this stipulation will be rejected on that basis.

Licence Application to Erect, Construct, Place and Maintain a Hoarding/Scaffolding on a Public Road/Footpath

Application for a licence must be submitted a minimum of 14 days prior to the proposed commencement of works.

Licence Application to Place a Mobile Crane/ Hoist on a Public Road/Footpath

Application for a licence must be submitted a minimum of 14 days prior to the proposed commencement of works.

Application to Place a Skip on a Public Road/Footpath

Cork City Council has introduced a licensing system for the placement of Skips on Public areas, within the City Centre Island as outlined in this map

Application for Skip Operator's Licence

Skip Hire companies, who operate within the administrative area of Cork City Council, must apply for a Skip Operators Licence (SOL) on a yearly basis.

Commercial Vehicle Work Permit

Work permits are available for commercially taxed vehicles in Cork City. Work permits cannot be used in any of the Pedestrian Streets i.e. Oliver Plunkett Street, etc, between 11am and 5pm daily.

Requests for Roads and Services Certificate

Application Requesting certificate as to whether the roads and services abutting mentioned property have been taken in charge by Cork City Council.

Application for a Licence to use a Public Area for an Activity or Event

Cork City Council may permit the use of defined areas if it considers that the activities/ events proposed enhance the social, culture, artistic, business or general ambience of the City and that they do not adversely affect the physical fabric of the street, the pedestrian/traffic using the street or the companies carrying out their permitted businesses in the vicinity of the proposed activity/ event.

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