Bannow Bridge Rehabilitation Project

Works Extent

Bannow Bridge, located approximately 8 kilometres west of Cork City, is an existing three span masonry arch humpback road bridge with a 90-degree skew to its approach and exit.  The Bannow Bridge Rehabilitation project involved the following works:

  • Cleaning of existing stonework and rebuilding/repair of damaged sections of masonry parapets;
  • Repair/replacement of existing concrete bed lining and scour skirts to the bridge abutments and piers;
  • Repair of abutments, wing walls and cut-waters;
  • Repointing of masonry joints to spandrel walls and the arch barrel of each span;
  • Installation of new public lighting scheme on approaches;
  • Upgrade of existing approach signage and road markings;
  • Resurfacing of bridge carriageway and approaches.


The bridge structure had suffered significant deterioration from scour to bed lining, abutments and piers with spalling of masonry joints on arch barrels.

The objectives of the works were:

  • To restore the overall structural integrity of the bridge;
  • To improve road user safety through improved visibility (public lighting and approach signage) and resurfacing of bridge carriageway and approaches with upgraded road markings.


Start: Construction commenced May 2021.

Finish: Project was completed in Q3 2021.

For further information please contact  Dan O'Sullivan, Senior Executive Engineer at email