Four Mile Bridge Rehabilitation Project 2022

Four Mile Bridge is a single-span masonry arch bridge.  It is located approximately 13km south of Cork City centre on the L2470 road just off the N28 road to Carriagaline.  Four Mile Bridge spans over the Glouno Touig Stream.

Work Extents

  • Removal of all vegetation, trees and algae from the entire structure including any loose debris;
  • Removal of trees in the watercourse around and under the bridge;
  • Repair/rebuild abutments, wing walls, spandrels, arch barrel and ring;
  • Repair/rebuild the bed lining on western side of the bridge.


The bridge structure has suffered significant deterioration to abutments and bed lining with spalling of masonry joints on arch barrels.

The objective of the works:

  • Restore the overall structural integrity of the bridge.


Start: Design ongoing in March 2022.

Finish: Tender & Evaluation of Contractor expected to be completed by May 2022 with construction to start in summer 2022.

For further information please contact  Dan O'Sullivan, Senior Executive Engineer at email